About Us

Jamie Macfarlane is known as the most experienced Icewine maker in the world and his wife, Karen King is a sensory researcher. Together, they own The Ice House Winery, home of Northern Ice Premium Icewine.

As Icewine Specialists, their vision is to bring versatile and innovative ways to create, serve and enjoy this NIagara region specialty.

The Art of Blending Icewine

Seriously, we are amazed at the universal appeal of our N’Icewine Slushies. It seems everyone likes them and so many people taste them and say “Wow!” This reaction got us wondering what makes The Ice House Slushies so special from a sensory point of view; the truth is Icewine is a concentrated wine; it contains less water than your regular wine and a lot of “bang for your buck” flavour. With a great premium Icewine, you get a wonderful balance of complex sweet nuances, crisp acidity, up front fruit notes and a long, luscious delivery of flavour. The Ice House Slushies showed us that the intense overall flavour impact of Northern Ice Vidal is reconstituted with 50% water or ice, the balance of sweetness, acidity and fruit notes is enhanced to create a “Party in Your Mouth” Cocktail. This moderate and perfectly balanced flavour impact is what the majority of great wines and beverages deliver and appeals to more of the people, more of the time.

So now we are on a roll in creating our new recipes for Northern Ice “Party in Your Mouth” Cocktails. Some favourites are:

  • Add 20% Northern Ice Riesling Icewine to a simple white wine to enhance up front fruit nuances and provide a long, luscious crisp delivery of flavour.
  • Add 20% of Northern Ice Cabernet Sauvignon Icewine to a red wine with big red fruit notes that carry too much astringency to enhance up front fruit nuances and provide a long, smooth delivery of flavour.
  • Add 2 parts of Northern Ice Cabernet Sauvignon Icewine to 1 part Gin. The wonderful mellow Icewine fruit flavors of dark cherry, plum and fig latch on to the gin botanicals to round out the whole experience.
  • One of the best ways to test Northern Ice Vidal nuances and character is by taking it for a test drive in a classic Martini, two parts Icewine to one part vermouth, with a dash of orange bitters. Our preferred Icewine Martini gin is Beefeater which provides more of a juniper balance to the earthy stone fruit tones of the Vidal.