The Ice House Winery holds a unique position in the wineries of Niagara-on-the-Lake. It is the only winery that exclusively makes Icewine.

That’s right. Totally dedicated to the making and perfecting of what is often referred to as, “Canada’s liquid gold,” winemaker, Jamie Macfarlane is committed to creating the highest quality Icewine in the world. Macfarlane decided the only way to achieve this lofty goal was to open a winery 100% dedicated to the making and mastering of Icewine. Macfarlane likens Icewine to classical music. He sees it as complex, intense, harmonious and balanced, with an almost indescribable “Wow” factor. It is this combination that Macfarlane sets out to achieve with each of the Icewines he creates.

Today, with a focus on making a limited supply of Icewine to produce the best of the season’s offerings, The Ice House is the proud recipient of 3 Internationally Famous Monde Selection Grand Gold Medals. And locally, Jamie’s crisp “toasting style” of Icewine is making The Ice House famous for their innovative food pairings and Icewine cocktails.

Come visit The Ice House Winery, it will feel like home.